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Powerprox Six Month Braces in North Andover

One of the biggest reasons as to why many adults avoid orthodontic treatment is the long treatment time. There are times when traditional braces are necessary to treat more complex malocclusion. However, if our goal is to improve your smile by straightening front teeth, you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious of “the traditional metal braces.” Advances in adult orthodontics have made it possible to move teeth faster and more effectively with clear braces that your family and friends will barely notice. If you are looking to get your teeth straightened without spending years in braces, we have a more affordable option for you. Powerprox Six Month Braces system has clear brackets with advanced technology to give you a beautiful smile by your next cleaning visit! With 30-40% less than the cost of traditional long-term braces, you can now achieve a beautiful, straight smile without breaking the bank. Questions? Ask us to learn more about Powerprox Six Month Braces and our special 0% in-house financing.

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How do Powerprox Six Month Braces® work?

Powerprox Six Month Braces work with clear brackets and shape memory nickle-titanium arch wire. Brackets are bonded to each tooth and, the nickle-titanium arch wire moves the teeth into a nice uniform arch position.

Does it really take 6 months?

Six Month Braces work to straighten the teeth that show when you smile so most of the front teeth esthetic cases can be completed in 6 months. Most adults do not require changing their bite as the traditional orthodontic braces would do.

What is the difference between Six Month Braces and Six Month Smiles?

The difference is only in the names. Both Six Month Braces and Six Month Smiles use the same treatment concept, focusing treatment on the teeth that show when you smile.

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