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Root Canal Therapy in North Andover

A tooth infection can be painful and debilitating. Your tooth has a nerve that runs inside its roots. Often times, there are multiple branches of nerve running inside the roots.
Although the thought of root canal therapy seems unbearable when you are experiencing severe tooth pain, root canal therapy is actually a very important procedure that allows you to keep the tooth so that you do not have to compromise on esthetics and function for even a moment. If you need a root canal therapy, Dr. Lee and our team at Magnolia Dentistry is ready to make the often dreaded root canal therapy as a comfortable experience as possible.

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How do you know if you need a root canal therapy?

The following are a list of scenarios where you may possibly need a root canal therapy:

  • You have a tooth with a deep cavity that has infiltrated the nerve.
  • Your tooth is broken with an exposed nerve.
  • They prevent bone loss & preserve your facial shape.
  • You have a tooth that is throbbing and/or is sensitive to hot and cold.
  • You have an abscess.

In order to determine whether you need a root canal therapy or not, we will need to evaluate thoroughly with X-rays for more accurate diagnosis.

How much does it cost to get a root canal?

A root canal therapy costs $950-1320 depending on the location of the tooth.

Should I get a root canal or extraction?

When there is a good amount of tooth structure to hold a post and/or a build up or healthy bone around the tooth, we recommend to save the tooth as much as possible instead of extracting the tooth.

Is getting a root canal painful?

During a root canal therapy, we ensure that you are fully numb so that you are as comfortable as possible. As long as you are properly numbed, you shouldn’t have any pain.

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