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Dentures in North Andover

When you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, partial or full dentures can effectively replace and fill the holes. When you have old dentures that are not fitting very well, sometimes all they need is simple adjustment or relining. Ill-fitting dentures can be frustrating because you can’t eat the food you always have enjoyed or they can cause embarrassment in the middle of important social get together. You now don’t have to rely on the amount of gums and bone to have well fitting denture. The dentures can be made so that they click onto implants with excellent retention. In fact, a lot of patients actually find it difficult to remove these types of dentures from their mouth! We can even use the partials or full dentures that you already have so that they click onto implants. We’re ready to help you to work with you on your denture case. Please call us at (978)965-4315 for a consult.

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What type of dentures are there?

  • Full Denture
    1. Suitable for replacing all teeth in the jaw
    2. Retention relies on suction between the denture and gums as well as the volume of underlying bone

  • Acrylic (Resin) Partial Denture
    1. Suitable for replacing one or more teeth
    2. Denture base is hard acrylic and cannot be bent or “flexed”
    3. Retention relies on clasps (wrought wire or clear acrylic) that wrap around the teeth adjacent to spaces

  • Cast (Metal-based) Partial Denture
    1. Suitable for replacing one or more teeth
    2. Denture base is hard acrylic reinforced with cast metal framework and cannot be bent or “flexed”
    3. Retention relies on clasps and rest seats
    4. Rest seats require making small “dimples” or “steps” on the outer layer (enamel) of teeth where the metal framework would rest on for improved stability

  • Flexible Partial Denture
    1. Suitable for replacing one or more teeth
    2. Denture base is “flexible”
    3. Can be made slightly thinner than acrylic partial denture
    4. Full denture cannot be made “flexible”
    5. Retention relies on flexible clasps

  • Flipper and Nesbit Partial Denture
    1. Suitable for replacing one or two teeth
    2. Commonly used for temporarily replacing front tooth while waiting for the implant or bridge (Flipper)
    3. Nesbit is also used for replacing 1 tooth prior to replacing the missing tooth with permanent tooth replacement (i.e. implant crown)

  • Implant Retained Overdenture
    1. Retention achieved by implant locators or bars that the denture snaps onto as well as underlying tissue
    2. The buttons under the overdenture that locks into implants need to be replaced periodically (once a year) for optimal retention

  • Implant Supported Fixed Bridge
    1. Retention achieved by abutment screws that connect implants to fixed bridge
    2. Does not have flanges like conventional dentures or overdentures
    3. Can only be removed by the dentist during your regular check-up visit

Will my dentures or false teeth look fake?

If you are looking to replace some of the missing teeth, we can design your partial dentures to match the shape and the color of your natural teeth. Also, we can design your full dentures to be in harmony with your face. Before we send the dentures for final processing, you will have opportunities to evaluate your smile. We even encourage you to bring your family member or friend along for the final pre-processing evaluation visit!

How much does a denture cost?

Depending on the type of material you choose, the cost could range from $1800-$2400. With most dental insurance companies, your portion of the cost would be lower than the price range above.

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

With conventional full dentures or partial dentures, we want to wait 6-8 weeks for the tissue and bone to heal completely before initiating impression process.

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